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April Flowers

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April Showers are supposed to bring May Flowers, but here in California we don’t often get rain in April. We get rain earlier in the year when many of the areas of the country are getting snow.

So, we get April flowers instead of the showers.

Purple Flowers - April Flowers - April Showers bring May Flowers - California - Colorful flowers

Tonight I will simply be sharing some of the April flowers. It has been a long day and the other post ideas I had for tonight needed too much research :-). We will start with these beautiful purple flowers that were growing at a friend’s house. The next two pictures are also from the same place.

Orange Blossoms - Vines - April Flowers - May Showers bring April Flowers - California - Spring Color

Here we have some beautiful blossoms that are growing on a vine. They have a nice mix of orange, yellow and red in their coloring.

Orange Rose - April Flowers - April Showers bring May Flowers - Spring Color - Roses

This rose has similar coloring. I like the mix of orange and red in this beautiful rose.

So, what was I thinking about…

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